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Wanma Caidan:I am to late to make the 1st tibetan film
Updated: 2009-10-29 13:24

Wanma Caidan, born in the Tibetan area of Amdo, has membership in the Directors Guild of China, China Film Association, and China Film Literature Association. He has attended Northwest University for Nationalities and Beijing Film Academy. His first piece of literature was published in 1991 and then over 50 novellas and short stories in Tibetan language and Chinese successively came out, some of which have been translated into English, French, German and other languages.

Wanma Caidan:I am to late to make the 1st tibetan film

 Wanma Caidan is seen in this photo. [tibet.cn]

His works have won the Sbrang Char Prize for Literature, the Prize for the Fourth Literary and Artistic Creation in Qinghai Province, the Young Writer Award for the Literary Creation of the Chinese Contemporary Minorities and some other awards. A piece of biographical literature named the Great Tantric Master Padmasambhava in Tibet (collaboration) and a translation known as the Never Ending Story have been published and a collection of stories in Tibetan language and Chinese will appear shortly. Wanma Caidan began his career as a film playwright and director in 2002. The short film the Silent Holy Stones (made in 2003) has won:

The Award for Excellent Drama of the Specialist Unit at the Fourth Short Film Competition in the University Student Film Festival; The Prize for Excellent Film of the First Gold Award in Beijing Film Academy; The Drama Award of the First International DV Forum in Beijing; The Most Prestigious Jury Award of the Second Asia International Short Film Festival (in Seoul, South Korea).  The 35mm colored short film the Grassland (made in 2004) won the Best Short Subjects Award of the Chinese Students' Film Section in the Third International Students Film & Television Works Show. It has been shown at international film festivals in France, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Holland, etc.

The documentary the Last Tibetan Shamen was selected in the DISCOVERRY First Shots Programme in 2004.

The 35mm film the Silent Holy Stones won (in 2005):

The Special Nomination of the Dragons & Tigers Award at the 24th Annual Vancouver International Film Festival in Canada;

The Special Prize of the New Currents Award at the 10th Pusan International Film Festival in South Korea; The Award for the Best Debut Director at the 25th China Golden Rooster Festival;

The FIPRESCI Award at the 30th Hongkong International Film Festival;

The SIGNIS Special Mention Award at the 30th Kongkong International Film Festival;

The Best First Feature Award at the 13th University Student Film Festival;

The Award for Asian New Talent & Best Director at the 9th Shanghai International Film Festival; The Judges' Special Award at the 8th Changchun Film Festival; The Prestigious Prize of the Year for the Visual Art of the Chinese Film and Television Works of the Chinese Film and Television Academic Award in 2006, etc.

It has been shown at San Francisco International American Film Festival, the Festival of the 3 Continents in France, the Chinese Film Festival in Paris, France, the International Film Festival Rotterdam in Holland, the Chinese International Film Festival in Japan, etc.

Film made in 2007:

The Gyuto Monlam (documentary)

Films made in 2008:

The Search (story)

Old dog (story)

Samye temple (documentary series about the famous temples and monks of China)

The Guanyin Hole in the Wutai Mountain selected from the famous temples and monks of China (documentary)

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